Charity Status for Band of Builders


Band of Builders, an organisation set up to help tradesmen and women who find themselves in difficult circumstances, has been granted charity status by the Charity Commission.

Band of Builders carries out projects and adaptations to help UK tradespeople and their families affected by illness or disability.

It was formed in 2016 after landscaper Addam Smith asked for help to renovate the garden of his friend and employee Keith Ellick, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Addam’s call saw tradespeople from across the country travel to Lincoln to completely revamp Keith’s home for his family.

Keith deid in 2017 but Band of Builders continued with the aim of helping other members of the UK construction industry battling illness or injury.

The charity is also now actively searching for future projects. It is able to help members of the UK construction industry and their families, subject to assessment of any application by its trustees and providing they meet the stipulations set out in its charitable aims.

Chairman Richard Patchesa, who helped on the original project to help Keith, said: “Since 2016 BoB has grown into something we only dreamed of. Thanks to the generosity of our members, the last three years has seen us help people on a scale none of us would ever have imagined.”

Charity Status for Band Of Builders
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