Johnstone’s Trade Colour Of The Year 2020


Johnstone’s Trade Colour of the Year 2020 is Chinese Porcelai chosen from its Voice of Colour palette. The company says “This versatile colour works across a multitude of spaces and designs to please a whole host of clientele who are looking to add a sense of calm, elegance and strength into a space”.

The colour is a blend of cobalt and “moody“ ink blue

Donna Taylor, senior colour manager for PPG, said: “As we look to escape today’s fast-paced society in search for simplicity, colours such as Chinese Porcelain PPG1160-6 resonate so well across various areas of society. Strong, calming, trustworthy and versatile, this shade helps bring people closer to natural elements such as the sea and sky in order to evoke a sense of serenity.”

The Colour of the Year decision process starts with the PPG Global Colour Workshop. This annual workshop brings together more than 20 PPG global colour stylists from a range of industries including automotive, aerospace and architectural. Combining their individual insights, they are able to determine which colours will resonate and represent the PPG Global Colour Forecast.

Johnstone’s Trade Colour Of The Year 2020
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