Mirka’s Abranet net abrasive – 20 years and counting


This year sees Mirka celebrate the introduction 20 years ago of Abranet net abrasive. By developing an abrasive that features a net structure instead of a conventional paper backing, Mirka was able to introduce extremely efficient on-tool dust removal. The net structure of the Abranet abrasive ensures, says Mirka, a sanding particle is never more than 0.5 millimetres from a dust extraction hole. This means that sanding grains are able to retain their cutting power and the resulting dust is safely removed.

Best combined with Mirka’s range of power tools and dust extractors, new versions of the Abranet continue to be developed.

“The Mirka Abranet net abrasive is a product of true Finnish ingenuity and ability to think outside the box. What started out as a laboratory experiment quickly proved its worth, and it’s a perfect example of the Mirka way of doing things.” says Hans Hede, development engineer and one of the ‘fathers’ of Abranet.

Mirka’s Abranet net abrasive – 20 years and counting
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