P&D News supports #noVANber


P&D News and The National Painting & Decorating Show are lending their voice to the growing call for the Government to do more to help tackle the theft of tools and equipment from tradesperson’s vans – a crime that has seen a dramatic increase in offences being reported. The demand is for the Government to look at additional sentencing guidelines and new regulations on the reselling of tools.

An online petition #noVANber has been launched and needs 100,000 signatures.

The petition states:

“The loss of a van and/or tools can severely impact on a tradesperson. Even if they are insured, sourcing replacements, organising van repairs and rebooking appointments means significant time out of work. For those who cannot find affordable insurance, this can lead to the loss of livelihood.

While tradespeople can take preventative measures to protect their vans and tools, this only goes so far in deterring thieves. We are, therefore, calling on the Government to consider what more can be done to tackle this problem, whether it be introducing new legislation, additional sentencing guidelines or regulations on the reselling of tools. Ultimately, thieves must understand that such a crime is not profitable and that stealing a livelihood carries with it commensurate penalties.”

We‘ve signed – have you?!

P&D News supports #noVANber
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