tesa targets training


Tape manufacturer tesa is to offer training and support to all painting and decorating stores that feature its displays. It will provide product training to every outlet that installs one of its displays, regardless of branch size.

Greg Perkins, tesa UK Key Account Manager, comments “tesa’s range of adhesive tapes offer measurable benefits in efficiency, productivity and outcomes, so it is important that store employees have an appropriate level of understanding; ensuring the correct tape is suggested for any specific customer needs. Painting and decorating professionals are expected to produce perfect results quickly all year-round, without the risk of having to redo work – which costs time and money”.

“Outlet training is informal and includes an explanation of the practical uses of each product, what applications are commonly associated and taking any questions that staff members may have. Furthermore, tesa offers to act as an escalation point if customers have any questions that outlet staff remain unclear on. Representatives from tesa regularly speak to customers directly on referral from outlet staff. Along with product information support, training and store visits, the company also welcomes involvement in events and trade days”.

tesa targets training
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