On test: Cordless Impact Drivers


Years ago in another life I had the job of laying a protective layer of planking on to the load space of a small 3 ton truck. Handed a hand saw, screwdriver, box of screws and the planks and a request to have the job done by lunch. I ended up taking, with assistance the whole day and at the end of the day, the assistance and me sported a nasty blister on each right hand palm. I would have killed for one of these impact drivers.

We sourced them from the normal suppliers and this is what we found.

Erbauer 7485F

Guide Price£89.99 (Screwfix)
No Load Speed0 – 2200
Max Torque140N.m
Chuck Size1/4 inch
Weight1.7 kg


A compact impact driver features a brushless instead of the old motor with brushes that wear out in time and spark a lot. The driver comes in a blown plastic case with a spare battery and a charger. Equipped with a belt clip and an LED light which lights up the work area, most useful in darkened corners. Motor speed is adjustable by differing the pressure on the trigger and there is a spindle brake which is activated when the trigger is released.

Erbauer 5012P

Guide Price£119.99 (Screwfix)
No Load Speed0 – 2600
Max Torque120N.m
Chuck Size1/4 inch
Weight1.1 kg


Supplied in a blown plastic case and an extra battery plus its charger. By differing the pressure on the trigger one can adjust the speed of the motor and like its stable mate there is a spindle brake. The motor is brushless so nothing to wear out giving the tool a longer working life. Comes with a belt clip and an LED working light.

Draper 17132

Guide Price£46.35 (ex VAT) (Draper)
No Load Speed0 – 2500
Max Torque80N.m
Chuck Size1/4 inch
Weight800g (drill only)


You have to buy this and the battery and charger separately so it all comes in cardboard boxes, the battery charger (Stock Nos.16254) costs £17.20 (Ex VAT) and the battery will set you back also £17.20 (Ex VAT). You get a LED work light for those dimly lit areas and a belt clip. A small and lightweight impact driver.

Draper 89437 Stormforce

Guide Price£38.45 (ex VAT) (Draper)
No Load Speed0 – 2800
Max Torque180N.m
Chuck Size1/4 inch
Weight1.2 kg (drill only)


More powerful than its little brother and cheaper but like its little brother you have the bother of buying the charger and the battery separately. The charger comes in at £19.95 (Stock number 89425) and the battery is £27.45 (Stock number 89437). Owing to this you don’t get a nice blown carrying case to keep the tool and its bits together.

Kielder KWT-005

Guide Price£106.80 (Machinemart)
No Load Speed0 – 2250
Max Torque200N.m
Chuck Size1/4 inch
Weight1.4 kg (drill only)


A neat compact driver with rubberised surfaces where one’s hands would touch. Supplied in a blown plastic case coming complete with two batteries and a charger. Powered by a brushless motor so no brushes to wear out. Motor is reversible and one can control the spindle speed with the trigger. When the trigger is released a spindle brake stops it revolving immediately.

Makita TD111D

Guide Price£169.99
No Load SpeedNA
Max TorqueNA
Chuck Size1/4 inch
Weight1.4 kg (drill only)


Comes in the traditional heavy duty high quality Makita plastic case with plenty of room for the charger and the spare battery. The reversible motor is brushless with the speed adjustable by adjusting the pressure on the trigger. Equipped with a belt clip and an LED work lamp. When the trigger is released the spindle brake act immediately stopping the spindle. Rubberised material covers the pistol grip and the top of the motor casing.

Reproduced from The Professional Painter and Decorator Winter 2018 issue

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