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Choosing advanced paint products that have been specifically developed to withstand intensive cleaning and retain that ‘just decorated’ look for longer can enhance your reputation. Lindsay Hall, brand manager from Crown Trade, looks at some of the latest product innovations available and the benefits they can offer.

In today’s hygiene conscious world, surfaces need to be ultra clean and walls and ceilings are no exception. Whether part of a standard clean up in a domestic property or a more intensive maintenance programme in a school or healthcare facility, a common problem of regular and rigorous cleaning is that it can wear away the paint finish and leave décor looking tired. To overcome this, manufacturers such as Crown Trade have invested heavily in the development of paints that can not only be wiped clean, but can be repeatedly scrubbed over longer periods without any detriment to the appearance of the paint.

So how do they work? Cleanable paints such as Crown Trade’s Clean Extreme range have been specially developed and tested to be able to withstand intensive cleaning by minimising the amount of paint film that is removed each time. Based upon the ISO 11998 testing method, which is the industry standard for determining the wet scrub resistance of dry paint film, Crown Trade’s Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt achieved a Class 1 rating and has a durability level of 10,000 scrubs, which translates to a 400 per cent increase in resistance to wet scrubbing when compared to conventional matt emulsions.

Although they have been specifically formulated to be repeatedly cleaned, the best products on the market are those that actively prevent stains appearing in the first place too. Choosing a product that is both scrubbable and stain resistant can offer the best of both worlds and may actually help extend time between cleaning. Paints that contain built-in protection that can’t simply be washed away also provide additional peace of mind and are particularly suited for areas that need to be kept as hygienic as possible.

Even when surfaces look clean, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Historically, anti-bacterial paints have been prone to the problem of leaching, which is when the organic or chemical anti-bacterial agents migrate to the surface of the paint film over time where they can be wiped away. However manufacturers have developed products which offer protection that can’t be washed off no matter how many times the surface is scrubbed clean. For example, Crown Trade’s Clean Extreme Anti-Bacterial Scrubbable Matt utilises the natural protection of silver ion technology, which not only inhibits the growth of any bacteria that comes into contact with the surface but also prevents bacteria from multiplying.

Another common problem is mould and mildew which if painted over without treatment, will simply come back. For specific problems areas, it is worth considering a paint such as Crown Trade’s Clean Extreme Mould Inhibiting Scrubbable Matt which is not only stain resistant but contains an active fungicide to prevent the growth of mould on the paint film.

The high performance formulation of cleanable paints has led them to be regarded as specialist paint solutions but in fact the wide range of benefits they can offer makes them ideally suited to a variety of different projects.

Paints that can be scrubbed and repeatedly cleaned are extremely effective when used in high traffic areas such as corridors or hallways in private and rental homes or busy school and office environments. Extending the life of the paint finish is another key benefit and this can bring long term savings by reducing the number of future redecoration cycles.

Using anti-mould paints as a precautionary measure in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms which are prone to condensation can also help avoid any long term and potential costly problems in the future. Similarly, using anti-mould paints in the residential rental sector, particularly in void properties that are likely to empty and unheated for some time, will help keep interior décor looking cleaner and fresher for longer.

Additionally, although anti-bacterial paints are often marketed for use in hospitals and other healthcare projects, they are becoming increasingly popular in other areas where improved hygiene is beneficial, such as food preparation facilities and children’s play rooms.

As well as offering targeted solutions to specific problems such as stains, mould and bacteria, the flexibility offered by cleanable paints is helping to fuel their popularity. Many, such as Crown Trade’s Clean Extreme water-based range, are available in both high performance matt and acrylic eggshell finishes and a wide range of colours to offer excellent design versatility. Add to this the fact they boast low odour and quick drying properties and it’s easy to see why the new generation of cleanable, scrubbable and stain resistant paints are really making their mark and allowing professional decorators to make theirs.

Problem Solving Paint
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Reproduced from The Professional Painter and Decorator Autumn 2018 issue 

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