Voice Of Colour 2019 Trends Guide


Principal Colour Consultant at Johnstone’s Trade Donna Taylor introduces the 2019 Colour of the Year.

Every year, the Global Colour Team from PPG meet to discuss and further develop future colour and design trends. The colour experts represent PPG’s different markets from across the world and through their collective knowledge and analysis of global trends, a Colour of the Year is selected.

The 2019 Colour of the Year is Night Watch (PPG1145-7), a deep green shade inspired by nature and the outdoors – one of the key themes that continuously resurfaced during the annual Global Colour Meeting.

Night Watch is a really rich colour, so it’s ideal for creating an impactful feature wall in a bedroom or dining room, for example. The colour also works well for exteriors, highlighting doors or trim, and is an attractive alternative to the black or deep blue shades we have seen more of in recent years.

The 2019 colour trends

In addition to selecting the Voice of Colour 2019 Colour of the Year, the colour experts at the global meeting also put together four distinct design themes, each with a dedicated colour palette that can be found in the 2019 Voice of Colour guide, ‘We Are’.

The 2019 design themes are:

With It
A collection that appeals to customers looking to achieve a fun and vibrant environment. The variety of colours incorporate vivid, lively shades like High Note (PPG1184-5), a cheery red; Burning Gold (PPG1213-7), a bold yellow; and Water Fight (PPG1237-5), a bold blue.

With Class
With a more traditional level of inspiration, this palette of colours offers dark shades for customers looking to create a luxurious and contemporary feel. Elegant tones, like Wave of Mystery (PPG1148-7) and Chilled Wine (PPG1045-7), feature alongside softer tones like Handful of Dust (PPG1007-4), a warm brown; and Cinnamon Diamonds (PPG1055-5), a beautiful red.

With Out
This palette for creating a minimalist space, with an emphasis on connecting to the outdoors. The colour collection includes a number of nature-inspired greens like Midnight Glade (PPG1134-7) and Antique Slate (PPG13-29), as well as organic colours like Cocoa Delight (PPG1078-6) and Cool Concrete (PPG1023-2).

With Spirit
This colour collection suits customers with an interest in mindfulness. Intense hues, like the bluish Imperial Purple (PPG1175-7), pair well with colours like Violet Dream (PPG1175-4) that provide softer, romantic accents.

Voice Of Colour 2019 Trends Guide
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