Chalk Wash cleans up at P&D Show


National Painting and Decorating Show 2019 review

Craig & Rose says it was “delighted” to be a part of the National Painting and Decorating show this year. It used the opportunity to launch Chalk Wash. Chalk Wash sits within the company’s Artisan range and is formulated to create a subtle marble-like finish when used over any of the 1829 colours.

As well as learning about Artisan Chalk Wash, visitors were able to view some of the other products up close including 11 new colours and a selection of tools. Says Jessica Green, Marketing Manager “The audience were incredibly interested to see the demonstrations of the new Artisan Chalk Wash product and the show offered a fantastic opportunity for the new colours in the 1829 collection to take centre stage too. The Painting and Decorating show provided a great platform to talk to potential customers about what Craig & Rose can offer.”

Chalk Wash cleans up at P&D Show
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