Breathable paint answers churchs’ prayers


A Grade II listed church at the centre of a tiny Nottinghamshire village has seen the use of Earthborn breathable paints as part of its refurbishment.

The stone walls of St James’s Church in Halloughton, near Southwell had been redecorated with acrylic based paints which were, say Earthborn, preventing the walls from breathing and had led to damage.

The vestry was replastered using breathable lime plaster and other areas of lime plaster repaired using the company’s Casein Filler. Any chalky patches were stabilised with Wall Glaze before applying Claypaint.

Claypaint is a clay based emulsion. It is formulated to maximise the natural properties of clay to create a breathable paint that covers well and gives an ultra matt finish.

Being free of oils and acrylics, Claypaint is virtually VOC free.

Claypaint is available in a palette of 72 shades. Bespoke colours are also available.

Breathable paint answers churchs’ prayers
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