Flats get a Dulux facelift


The exterior of 11 blocks of flats in Torpoint, Plymouth has been given a full makeover featuring products from the Dulux range. CLC Contractors Limited, in conjunction with Cornwall Housing, joined forces to appoint the Dulux Trade Commercial Colour Services team to give the Harvey Street Flats a new lease on life with an updated colour scheme. The flats provide accommodation for over 78 residents across 11 blocks of flats.

Spanning 10 weeks, the Harvey Street Flats refurbishment saw a full revamp of the buildings’ exterior, including powerwashing to remove all loose materials, replacing areas of damaged wood and finally, preparing any metalwork areas for painting with Dulux Trade Metalshield Zinc Phosphate Primer.

As the first block of apartments can be seen when arriving by ferry from Plymouth, the colour scheme needed to be impactful, yet sympathetic to both the area and design of the building.

The four main colours used were Australian Sands, Lunar Grey and Dusted Blue on the masonry, and Graphica Grey on the plinths and bands.

For the exterior refurbishment Weathershield Maximum Exposure Smooth Masonry Paint and Weathershield Exterior High Gloss were used.

The core product of choice was Dulux Trade Weathershield Exterior High Gloss, which is the last product used in a three-part weather resistant and flexible paint system. Specifically developed to give long-lasting, high gloss protection for exterior woodwork, the system contains a fungicide to inhibit mould growth on the paint film which helps it stay cleaner for longer.

Bob McLellan, AkzoNobel Specifier Development Manager, who prepared the specifications for Harvey Street Flats, said: ““Solid specification with continuous client support with both product and colour was key to this project having a successful painting programme. Pairing colours that won’t date alongside those that will withstand the elements was a key component, especially factoring in the visability of the buildings themselves. It’s great to see the end result and the impact it has had in lifting the appearance of the surrounding area.”

Wayne Cavilla of CLC Contractors said: “Those that regularly passed by the Harvey Street Flats will know that the exterior of the buildings were in significant need of a refresh. The project saw more than a slap of paint thrown onto the buildings, it was a much more complex process than that. Each of the buildings was stripped right back and the surfaces brought up to standard before any colour was applied. This ensured not only a smooth finish, but that the paint job will stand the test of time, resulting in a more cost-effective job for Cornwall Housing”.

Flats get a Dulux facelift
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