New industrial coating dries fast


Northern Powergrid has become the UK’s first distribution network operator (DNO) to trial an innovative new ecofriendly paint. The DNO, which uses 1,000s of gallons of paint each year to protect its network assets, worked with Rosh Engineering to develop the new water based coating.

Rosh Engineering and Northern Powergrid have successfully applied the new formula paint to a large power transformer in Darlington. The application has now completed its initial three-month performance assessment – marking the first milestone for the trial to see how it has performed over the summer months. Teams at Rosh and Northern Powergrid are set to continue monitoring the performance of the paint over the coming autumn and winter months.

Rosh says that the new coating is also available to the wider trade.

The new paint, says Rosh, offers three interconnected core benefits:

Firstly, it is rapid drying even at low temperatures. It can dry in less than an hour, changing the time it takes to disconnect, paint, and reconnect a transformer to the network from two days to less than one.

Secondly, its water-based nature is better for the environment and local air quality. Northern Powergrid has wanted to explore switching to water-based paint for some time, however, until now water-based paints have needed temperatures of 20C+ to dry – an impossible aim for an operator battling the inclement weather of Northern England. The new paint can dry as low as 6C, meaning the new solution is not only beating the drying conditions of previous water-based options but also of white spirit-based paints, as most would take a prolonged period to dry at 6C.

Finally, the new paint needs a much thinner coat to protect an asset, reducing raw materials by up to a third.

New industrial coating dries fast
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