Safeguard serves up coatings ace


A surrey Lawn Tennis Club has chosen choose Roxil Wood Protection Cream from Safeguard Europe – the specialist in damp-proofing and waterproofing technology company – to treat its clubhouse, built in 2015.

The Horley club’s shiplap exterior needed protective treatment according to the supplier, National Stables, after two years.

Explains David Johnson, who acts as house manager for the club concluded that Roxil Wood Protection Cream, which only requires one coat, lasts 10 years and can be applied by either brush or roller, was the best choice. The club’s 10 volunteers took just a day to apply the cream to what Johnson believes to be about 172m2 on a building measuring 19m long, 9m deep, and about 2.5m high, except at the ends and middle where it is nearer 5.5m high.

“The shiplap timbers mean a brush is best for getting underneath the laps and we found that the cream soaked in really quickly. Some people tried to work as if it was paint but it just disappeared,” says David. “It’s not ‘draggy’ – I think that must be due to the silicone – and there are little touches that impress. The 8-inch diameter screw top, for instance, is so much simpler to open than a paint can, with no need to start messing around with screwdrivers.”

Formulated for protecting fences, decking, sheds, furniture and wooden buildings, Roxil Wood Protection Cream is a silicone cream emulsion that invisibly waterproofs softwood and so boosts resistance to warping, decay and rot, and cuts mould and algae growth. The silicone penetrates the wood to form a water repellent barrier that reaches its full strength in a month. Brushes or sprayers can be cleaned with water.

The cream is part of the Roxil Outdoor Protection range, which includes Roxil Patio Cream and Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner. A specially-formulated cream emulsion, Patio Cream weatherproofs the surface of patios and paved surfaces for 10 years, says the company, with just a single coat without changing their colour or texture. Once treated, a patio or paved surface is easier to clean and does not need cleaning as often as an untreated surface – and will also resist growth by algae, moss and ingrained lichens.

Safeguard serves up coatings ace
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