Teknos in 18th Century refurb


Products from the TeknosPro range of multi surface paints and coatings have been used as part of the renovation of an eighteenth century cottage in Chobham, Surrey. Completed by Nick Sammut from Rushmoor Painting and Decorating the cottage had fifteen rotten window frames that needed renovating and repairing; the oak had not been protected adequately by previous paints and therefore the customer, who had already selected a TeknosPro top coat, asked that the primer was from the same portfolio. Supplier of Teknos products, Holman Paints, which is based in Swindon, also recommended TeknosPro products to the contractor, leading Nick to use Futura Aqua 3, a TeknosPro primer, to coat the oak sealed windows. This is a waterborne, full-matt, alkyd based adhesion primer that allows the exterior wooden surfaces to expand and contract in changing weather conditions.

The front door of the cottage was painted with Futura Aqua 40 and the oak windows were painted with Teknos Aquatop. The semi-gloss paint is best used on top of Futura Aqua 3 primer and the Teknomix 50 Tinting System enables customers to choose from a wide range of colours; from opaque colours, Teknos Colour Mode collection, British Standard and European Colour collections such as RAL and NCS.

Teknos in 18th Century refurb
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