Glass Fibre Wall Coverings – Dispelling The Myths


NOVELIO_NATURE_HOSPITALITY_11 (2)Despite the great potential of glass fibre wall covering there are still a few myths associated with it says Simon Bennett, Sales Manager for Saint-Gobain ADFORS

The first fallacy is that glass fibre wall coverings are expensive and potential customers are put off by the initial investment.

In fact, the focus on the life span of projects is common throughout the construction sector in both the private and public sector. Clients are becoming more aware of the importance of long-term thinking and specifiers are starting to consider a building’s lifetime performance, rather than just the initial delivery.

Novelio Nature glass fibre wall coverings are impact and fire resistant, withstanding high levels of traffic, as well as abrasion and impact caused by wheeled vehicles, chair backs or children’s toys -, leading to increased wear and tear. They are also washable and repaintable and its colours don’t fade, giving walls several lives and making them look good for longer.

In fact, even if this type of covering may require a higher initial investment, due to its unique combination of reinforcement properties, it helps reduce costs and disruption of unplanned repairs and maintenance. This also means a longer life span and less frequent replacement, giving greater value in the long-term, and making it a better investment for public and private spaces.

The second myth is related to the application of glass fibre coverings: there’s a common misconception that they require a labourious preparation of walls and that the application process is hard.

Bedrooom in modern vacation houseUnlike standard wallpaper, which can’t be applied before the wall is well prepared (plastered and sanded several times), otherwise the wallpaper will enhance any small defects, the woven structure of Novelio Nature covers and hides the small defects, so preparation of the wall is reduced (only rough sanding is needed), saving time on site.

The relative rigidity of the product, rather than hampering the application of the product, is actually beneficial to the process, as it doesn’t let the product fold on itself and get dirty. It is even more relevant when the product is applied in corners, particularly for wider products, 1m for instance.

Glass fibre wall coverings are dimensionally stable, which means no shrinkage occurs during the drying of the glue, as often happens with wallpapers, which are sensitive to water. Plus, and joints aren’t visible after application, creating a smoother finish.

Finally, it’s common to hear glass fibre solutions don’t offer the same possibilities as traditional coverings when it comes to design. Well, what confirms the potential of this product and has been driving its acceptance in the market is the way it combines protection with appealing aesthetics.

The new product line Novelio Nature, which is a ready-to-use wallcovering without the need of painting it, is available in 4 patterns – Charm, Flair, Grace and Pure – and 6 colour-ways, each evoking a sense of style and simplicity, offering a total of 24 designs.

This product extends its benefits to the environment, helping to improve living conditions. Novelio Nature wall coverings are made of non-toxic materials and also breath friendly: A-rated for its emissions output, it helps to create a VOC free environment, which has been linked to respiratory problems.

Glass Fibre Wall Coverings – Dispelling The Myths
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