BBA for Sandtex X-treme X-posure


sandtex x-treme x-posureA highly-durable, smooth masonry paint, Sandtex X-treme X-posure provides the high levels of protection against weather exposure for the long term, and is suitable for use on most exterior masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards.

It provides excellent opacity, comes in a variety of colours – and has been awarded a British Board of Agrément (BBA) Certificate for up to 15 years’ durability.

Sandtex X-treme X-posure’s formula offers with protection against acid rain, snow and frost, damaging UV rays, atmospheric pollutions and adverse weather conditions, as well as sea and salt spray.

Sandtex X-treme X-posure also includes anti-carbonation properties to protect concrete, as well as a hydrophobic formulation providing a highly water resistant finish that enables dirt to be washed away easily.

Added algaecides and fungicides also resist unsightly algae and mould growth, maintaining the aesthetic look for the long-term, while a moisture vapour permeable coating allows walls to “breathe” and a highly flexible coating keeps hairline cracks covered.

A more in-depth look at the attributes of Sandtex X-treme X-posure are covered in three short, informative videos, located at Sandtex Trade’s YouTube channel.

BBA for Sandtex X-treme X-posure
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