Innovative workware for the decorator


Dexters is a new online workwear brand for the professional decorator. It features a customisable pocket system that allows painters and decorators to adapt to the job at hand by customising their trousers with task-specific pockets.

Says Dexters “Painting and decorating professionals need to be able to switch between different jobs quickly and their workwear should be able to adapt to match. You should have the right tools to hand all of the time, rather than stuffed at the bottom of a toolbox, so we created an innovative pocket system for our painters trouser that simply clips pockets on and off.

“When you’re prepping, simply clip on your ‘prepping pocket’ and when you’re done, you can quickly unclip. Then simply clip on your ‘papering pocket’ – full of the tools you need for your individual tasks.

The trousers themselves made from lightweight polyester and hard wearing nylon for a tough design and comfortable fit, with 8 belt loops for clipping on the detachable pockets.

Innovative workware for the decorator
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