Workwear for Women


Hoydens Workwear is a start-up based in Sheffield with the aim of addressing the workwear problems of women who work in trades or on site. Hoydens are professional trousers that can be worn comfortably all day because they are specifically designed for a women’s body shape having extra space around the hips and thighs with stretch fabric to give additional flexibility.

Annie Bowman a painter & decorator and designer of the range says “The fabric of the trousers has been chosen because it has great resistance to abrasion, chemicals and heat, making them very hardwearing and longer lasting. Workwear for men has vastly improved over the last few years, and although there are alternatives for women out there now, there are always niggles. Typically, women are unhappy with the fit around the hips and waist and the lack of options on leg length of the available products on the market. These issues make them feel less professional in front of other colleagues and can lead to a drop of self-esteem”.

Hoydens come in women’s sizes 8-18, three different leg lengths, making it easier to order the right size, and in black, grey and of course, white. As an alternative to holster pockets, Hoydens came up with Hoysters – optional attachable pockets that can be placed at the sides, or a large pocket at the front. They easily clip off at the end of the day and can store tools specific to the task being undertaken.

Hoydens will be asking everyone who buys the trousers for their feedback as they want to make sure as many women as possible have a fit that is right for them. Future designs will include different fits of trousers and more features such as knee pad pockets. Work tops and jackets to accommodate the bigger bust are planned too.

Workwear for Women
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