Damp remedials in a day


SE1604DE Safeguardsdsd Dryzone Express Replastering System #2The Express Replastering System – a key element of Safeguard’s Dryzone System – is a combination of materials that allow for rising damp treatment and room reinstatement in around 24 hours. This claims the company, represents not only a significant time-saving over more traditional methods; but also a significantly cleaner and more convenient approach to remedials.

The Dryzone System from Safeguard is a complete rising damp renovation range that delivers permanent damp proofing solutions: from preventing moisture ingress through to specialist replastering and mould-resistant decorating materials.

There are three elements to the Dryzone Express Replastering System: a chemical Damp Proof Course (DPC) formed with Dryrod DPC rods; Dryshield Cream; and Drygrip Adhesive. Armed with these products, a skilled operative can treat rising damp, replaster and complete re-decoration in just 24 hours.

SE1604DE Safeguard Dryzone Express Replastering System #1Dryrod DPC rods are a BBA-approved and patented method of delivering silane/siloxane DPC-forming material into brick, coursed stone, rubble infill and cavity walls. The rods comprise synthetic polymer rods impregnated with silane/siloxane that are effective in walls that are highly saturated, very porous and either high or low alkaline (as in new or old mortar). They can also be installed in warm or cold walls – even when the wall is freezing. Installation only requires a drill. Standard length 180mm long rods are simply inserted into 12mm holes at 120mm intervals along the mortar lines of a building.

Once the DPC is installed, it may be necessary to replaster. Without re-plastering, dampness and groundwater salts can spoil decoration on the interior walls – potentially causing paint to bubble, plaster to crumble and wallpaper to grow mould and peel.

Applied to walls affected by rising damp, Dryshield Cream is a breathable, salt-resistant water-repellent that weakens the crystal strength of salts forming in or at the masonry surface as damp evaporates. Easy to apply by brush or roller, the cream not only acts as a primer for Drygrip Adhesive but also penetrates the masonry structure deeply so as to form a durable, robust bond. Developed for ‘dab’ fixing plasterboard directly to masonry surfaces, Drygrip Adhesive forms a strong and long-lasting bond and is resistant to both salts and damp. Once fixed, the boards can be tape-jointed and skimmed as in ordinary drylining situations.

For extra peace of mind, it is also recommended to re-decorate using Dryzone Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint; an excellent, premium quality, low odour mould resistant coating guaranteed to protect against unsightly and unhygienic black mould for at least five years – even in the face of persistent condensation

Damp remedials in a day
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