Finna’s moisture meter is aimed at decorators


Blistering, peeling and scaling of paint are the results of painting surfaces that have not dried thoroughly. Even when using water-based paints, it is crucial for proper paint performance to be sure the material is at the right moisture content before painting. Finna Group’s packet sized Model 9XDC: Painter’s Moisture Meter is designed to provide painting and decorating professionals with a reliable means of spot-checking surfaces before paint is applied.

The unit is simple to use and lightweight while an easy to read LED lights shows actual moisture content. The advanced, micro-controller circuit requires no adjustments. The unit can test moisture content from 12% to 28% for wood and 3% to 7% for plaster.

Finna Group also offers a variety of hand-held moisture-meters for painting and coating of other materials such as concrete and gypsum wall board (drywall).

Finna’s moisture meter is aimed at decorators
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