Low tack floor protection you can reuse


Swiss non-woven manufacturer, Jakob Hardi, have launched Pavisave in the UK.

This is a faster, safer way of covering and protecting customers’ valuable floor coverings, ceramic tiles, newly treated wood, carpets, stone, glass and stairs. The tough, non-slip, breathable membrane has a low tack, wrinkle and tape free all over self-adhesive backing, so is quick to lay especially on steps and stairs, and is easy to roll- up and reuse.

Designed to protect floors from splashes and spillages during renovation and decoration projects, Pavisave is a professional product targeted at serious tradespeople yet requiring no specialist skills to lay.

Supplied in light, easy-to-handle rolls of 1 X 50 metres without release paper or backing to remove, it significantly reduces prep time and completion.

Low tack floor protection you can reuse
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