Festool’s new cordless sanders with mains power performance


Festool is “pulling the plug” and launching three new powerful cordless sanders, RTSC 400, DTSC 400 and ETSC 125.

The list of things users require from cordless sanders is long: lightweight and counterbalanced, powerful yet long-lasting, outstanding handling while delivering the perfect sanding result. The new BP 18 Li 3.1 ERGO battery pack plays a crucial role in meeting these requirements. It was specially developed by Festool for its new cordless sanders and is integrated into the handle.

With no heavy cable reels, no tedious searching for sockets, no messy cabling users can, say Festool, simply unpack and start sanding.

Full power – low weight
In combination with the brushless EC-TEC motor, the three compact cordless sanders deliver a performance claim Festool that you would expect from a mains-powered tool. This is also reflected in the technical data: Thanks to a speed of 6000 to 10,000 rpm and a sanding stroke of 2 millimetres, not only can the sanding power be variably adjusted to suit the surface being machined, but work can also progress extremely quickly. Added to this is the low weight: The cordless sanders themselves weigh just 1 kilogram and, with the plug-in long-life dust bag and battery attached, they still only weigh 1.5 kilograms. This makes them ideal for working above head height and in difficult-to-reach places.

Uninterrupted sanding – cordless
Another big advantage of the cordless sanders is that their charging time is shorter than their running time. The BP 18 3.1 Li ERGO battery pack is back to full charge again in under half an hour – and the average battery life is significantly longer than 30 minutes. If the battery being used is drained, it can quickly be replaced with the fully charged replacement battery. The Set and Plus versions come delivered with two batteries as standard.

Cordless or corded?
Thanks to the mains adapter, the sanders can be operated without a long-life dust bag but with a mobile dust extractor, including autostart function and suction hose, using power from mains.

Festool’s new cordless sanders with mains power performance
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