Trimaco has it taped


This month Trimaco is highlighting its professional grade masking tapes range.

Easy Mask, KleenEdge Perfect Edge and KleenEdge Low Tack Painting Tapes are flat paper tapes designed to help create a clean straight line and no bleed through. They allow a clean release up to 14 days after application. Perfect Edge Painting Tape is for use on a variety of surfaces while Low Tack Painting Tape is specially designed for delicate surfaces. Both tapes can be used with Easy Mask Masking Film, Masking Paper and on the QM5000 PRO Masker.

Easy Mask KleenEdge Painting Tape is a masking paper lined with adhesive along one edge. Designed to help achieve perfect straight lines it catches paint spills and splatters and can be used for painting walls, ceilings, windows, skirting boards etc. It can be left on the surface for 7 days and, say Trimaco, is quick & easy to apply & remove.

Trimaco has it taped
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