Cut out damp and mould


Launched at the P&D Show, Suretherm Anti Condensation Coating is a complex-blended thermal performance coating which will, it is claimed, drastically reduce condensation formation by utilising glass microsphere technology. The glass microspheres in the coating effectively become ”charged” like a battery cell which enables them to retain heat, say the manufacturers. The paint retains the heat from your hand which makes the painted area feel “warm”.

Suretherm maintains surface temperatures on walls and ceilings which reduces the formation of surface condensation. It is unlike other anti-mould or anti-condensation paints which contain biocides or simply only absorb moisture. Suretherm can be overpainted and can be used on exposed walls or areas where insulation may be missing or inadequate. It can also be applied on is cold walls and ceilings as well as humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Cut out damp and mould
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