Dulux Upgrades Diamond Range


Dulux Trade has launched new formulations of its Dulux Trade Diamond Matt and Diamond Eggshell paints.

The new formulations give, say Dulux, a smoother, more even finish that reduces the risk of flashing and picture framing. The two emulsions now feature anti-fade technology, which protects colour pigments slowing down the effects of UV rays and pollutants.

Both Dulux Trade Diamond Matt and Diamond Eggshell have been rigorously tested to be able to withstand 10,000 scrub cycles which equates, claim Dulux, to six hours of continuous scrubbing without the finish being compromised.

Karen Wilkinson, Dulux Trade Lead at AkzoNobel said “Part of the Dulux Trade Diamond range, they are now 50 times more durable than standard trade emulsions, with protection against scrubs, scuffs and stains, to stand the test of daily wear and tear in high footfall areas such as stairwells and hallways; as well as stain repellent technology that mimics the water-resistant properties of leaves to repel wet stains, making the paint easier to clean.”

“We’ve invested heavily in research and development to create these new formulations that are our most durable paints yet, with new anti-fade colour protection, so professional appliers can be confident they will achieve high quality finishes that they can trust will last.”

Dulux Upgrades Diamond Range
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