High gloss waterborne alternative


Providing a high gloss finish that replicates the look of traditional oil-based products, Teknos Futura Aqua 80 is a waterborne paint suitable for use in conservation areas where products better suited to today’s environment are required. The versatile paint retains its appearance and can be used on doors and other joinery as well as furniture and metalwork, including railings and radiators.

Teknos Futura Aqua 80 is a waterborne urethane alkyd based top coat designed for interior or exterior use and offers an tough finish on wood, metal and building board surfaces. It complies fully with European VOC emission standards and REACH regulations and has low VOC levels and no odour.

The paint can be thinned with water and is easy to apply by brush, roller and spray. It flows well, leaves few brush marks and does not drip; the surface is dry after one hour and through-dry after two to three days. Clean up is with appropriate detergent and warm water.

A key feature of Futura Aqua 80 is its durability, claim Teknos. It can be tinted to most colour shades and the modern pigments used disperse evenly through the paint to provide lasting colour that is fade-, weather- and UV-resistant.

The Futura Aqua portfolio of waterborne paints provides varying sheen levels and comprises Futura Aqua 20, which offers a semi-matt finish, and Futura Aqua 40 with a semi-gloss finish. The range is complemented by the versatile Futura Aqua 3 primer and is available in 0.45 0.9, 2.7 litre sizes.

High gloss waterborne alternative
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