Leyland Introduce Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell


Leyland Trade has introduced Acrylic Eggshell to its range of Hardwearing products. The new quick drying, low odour paint aims to provide a durable, mid-sheen finish on interior surfaces.

The paint is formulated with tough acrylic resin, making it stain and moisture resistant, while also offering a washable and easy-to-clean finish once dry.

Well suited for high traffic areas the durable paint has also been rigorously tested. When scrubbed 200 times over a period of approximately five minutes, only three microns of paint were removed – the equivalent of one tenth of a human hair.

The paint is suitable for use on walls and ceilings, as well as primed wood and metal, and can be tinted to more than 16,000 colours.

Leyland Introduce Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell
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