New Milk Paint for Walls


SafePaint Organic Milk Paint for Walls is a newly formulated milk paint from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, designed for use on walls and interiors. The company’s original formula milk paint (a faithful recreation of ancient home-made paint recipes) was created for porous surfaces like wood and masonry. SafePaint is formulated for use on non-porous surfaces such as previously painted walls. It will also adhere to other surfaces such as metal, or prior finished wood, masonry or cabinetry.

Safepaint arrives in powder form but, say the company, is easily mixed with water especially at higher speeds using a drill paint paddle.

Available in 20 historic base colours, Safepaint powders can also be blended to create bespoke shades. Safepaint has the uniquely flat, velvety finish associated with milk paint can produce, but has been formulated for more consistent coverage over large areas. It is washable once cured.

Like original milk paint, SafePaint is made from elements that pre-date the use of petrochemicals and other toxic bases and solvents, so it is biodegradable, non-VOC, odour-free and quick drying.

New Milk Paint for Walls
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