Sandtex Trade sizes up smooth operator


Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth, which is specially formulated for trade users, is now available in a new value 7.5 litre pack, as well as the 5 litre and 10 litre sizes already on the market.
Offering 15 years’ durability is is a high quality protective and decorative finish for both new and previously painted surfaces.Its two-coat water-borne formulation is suitable for most exterior masonry and grade building boards.
It can be applied either by roller, brush or spray and is touch-dry within one or two hours. Re-coat time is three hours.

The colour choice for the 7.5 litre value pack applies to Brilliant White and Magnolia shades only.

In the other pack sizes, Brilliant White is available along with 10 other ready-mixed colours, with more than 600 tinted shades available overall.

Sandtex Trade sizes up smooth operator
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