Seaweed Paints from Skye


A new range of seaweed-infused paints, developed and made on the Isle of Skye, will be available across the UK from 12th June.
Isle of Skye Paint Company Founder, Alasdair Campbell, has been in the painting and decorating trade for over 20 years, his business covers the Isle of Skye and the North-West Highlands, it was this challenging painting environment that sparked an idea; using his experience and knowledge, he set out to develop a paint that would withstand the extreme climate, and so The Isle of Skye Paint Company was born. “With the knowledge that our paint works here, we know it works anywhere,” says Alasdair.
Skye’s geography, specifically the 400 miles of coastline indented with sea lochs, is responsible for the range’s rather unusual special-ingredient, seaweed.

So, why seaweed? Alasdair tells us: “Seaweed has natural thickening properties that make it easy to apply – while giving very even coverage. It’s common in marine paint but has never been used domestically before.”

The range has been developed to include five finishes – Skye Matt, Skye Durable, Skye Satin, plus Exterior Masonry Paint and Exterior Eggshell. There is a palette of 32 shades.

All the paints are water based.

Seaweed Paints from Skye
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