Geode-Style Murals – Wallsauce


Creators of made-to-measure wall murals, Wallsauce have introduced arrange of ‘geode-style’ murals created by artists, Lara Skinner and GCC Artworks.

Lara Sikkers 6-piece mural collection comprises of intricately detailed marble patterns amongst precious stone replicas. The purple-themed collection has murals that are designed to create, say Wallsauce, feature walls in bedrooms and contemporary living rooms.

On the deeper-toned spectrum GCC Artworks has developed geode designs, rich in formal colours. ‘Inspired by the beauty and intrigued by our natural world’, these creations are made with resin and ink with a hint of mixed media for texture.

All designs are available on a choice of wallpaper materials, including paste-the-wall wallpaper and a peel and stick wallpaper, ideal for for rented accommodation.

Geode-Style Murals – Wallsauce
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