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View the latest video masterclasses from leading suppliers of painting and decorating products and services.

KIp Tapes makes its debut

Shurtape UK is adding to its portfolio of adhesive tapes, with its recent launch of Kip tapes and maskers to...

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Apprenticeships – all you need to know

Two videos that look at apprenticeships both from the employers and apprentices point of view have just been released. Specially...

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The QTech QT290 airless sprayer

The QTech QT290 airless sprayer – see it on the job in Australia

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How to paint a concrete floor with Floor It

Coating a concreate floor? Bradite shows you all you need to know.

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Q1 Masterclass – Painting and Decorating Show

Saving time on projects delivers a number of benefits for both you and your customers. From making each job more...

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