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Crown Client Referral Scheme

Crown Client Referral Scheme. Crown Decorating Centres has launched a client referral scheme “to help decorators work with paint they can rely on when their customers are buying their own supplies for projects“.

crown client referral schemeUnder the new Crown Client Referral Scheme, decorators can obtain vouchers from their local Crown Decorating Centre, which they can give to their individual customers. The voucher has the added benefit of offering clients 20 per cent off their purchase – and is available to professional decorators free of charge from all Crown Decorating Centres and to download from the Facebook page.

Then, all decorators need to do is fill in their details and give it to their customer, who can take it to their nearest Crown Decorating Centre, where staff in store will be able to help them find the right paint.
The idea behind this voucher is to ensure decorating professionals can have access to professional, trade products when their customer is buying the paint themselves.

Crown Client Referral Scheme
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