Dealing with Dampness online guide


“Dealing with Dampness” is a revised and updated CPD from Safeguard – the UK’s leading specialist in damp-proofing and waterproofing technology – aiming to educate architects, designers, contractors and other specifiers on the main causes of damp, effective diagnosis, and optimal remedial solutions.

The latest version of Royal Institute of British Architects-accredited CPD, the headliner in a series of CPDs which go on to consider each damp type in detail, has been updated to now cover condensation – alongside rising and penetrating damp – as a primary damp problem.

The CPD provides a useful overview to penetrating damp, considers routes of rainwater ingress and their management, tackling exacerbating factors and the application of failsafes such as masonry protection creams or damp-resistant internal systems.

The rising damp section looks at everything from the physics of it to the chemistry of damp proof courses (DPCs), providing a thorough briefing on what causes rising damp, and the range of potential treatments available, including recent developments.

Finally, the CPD covers existing and new technologies for dealing with the different forms of damp and highlights why some diagnostic equipment can lead to confusion if used blindly.

The 40-minute seminar can be delivered as a webinar, or – subject to Covid-compliance – delivered in the clients’ workplace or at Safeguard’s Sussex offices.

Dealing with Dampness online guide
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