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Peter Sotherton, Business Development Manager at TeknosPro, shares his advice on applying coatings in three different, but challenging, situations.

What should be the preparation method for highly exposed applications, such as exteriors by the coast that can be affected by saltwater erosion?
Exposed surfaces take a battering from the elements, saltwater and sand. It’s essential to start with a clean surface so remove debris, caked salt or sand particles, as well as paint flakes and brittle plaster. If you’re painting new plaster or concrete, wait at least eight weeks for the substrate to harden and take care you have removed the laitance. After washing down, use a steel brush to raise the surface profile enough for painting and give the paint enhanced adhesion in a harsh environment. You can use Teknos SILOKSAN GEL mixed into Teknos masonry paint SILOKSAN FAÇADE to give the paint maximum performance and water-repellent properties. If you are painting wood, we recommend FUTURA AQUA as it’s super hard-wearing. The wood should be cleaned of existing environmental debris and old paint and then sanded back to raise the profile and improve adhesion.

How should you prepare for painting cladding and which products should you use?
For wooden cladding, start by washing down the surface to remove any contaminants. Use a mild detergent and then rinse with clean water. De-nib the wood to promote the paint’s adhesion and then apply two coats for optimal performance. If you’re painting with a stain like WOODEX AQUA CLASSIC, stir the tin regularly and apply in continuous strokes or sprays on the whole length of the timber to achieve an even finish. Whether coating in a stain or an opaque, be sure to pay special attention to end grains on cladding as these are the most vulnerable to water ingress.

What are the challenges facing decorators when coating floors?
Floors are regularly trafficked so getting the area back in use quickly is key. This means the drying time of your chosen coating is one of the main considerations. Water-based coatings dry faster than solvent-based and if you use a waterborne varnish like HELO AQUA, the floor will be back in operation within 24 hours. For a lasting finish, make sure you remove any wax and sand back the surface to give the paint good purchase and, of course, choose a hard-wearing paint that can withstand tough usage and spillages. To prevent delamination on concrete floors, it is critical to remove laitance. If newly laid concrete, don’t be tempted to paint until it is completely dried through otherwise you risk tell-tale bubbles in the finish where moisture has risen and become trapped under the coating.

Pro Tips from Teknos
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