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Sandtex’s surface solutions

This is Sandtex Trade_E4Ways of creating a uniform surface are all covered in-depth in the fourth video in the ‘This Is Sandtex Trade’ series.

‘This Is Sandtex Trade’ looks at a range of subjects relating to exterior painting.

In the fourth part of the series Kevin O’Donnell – product trainer for Crown Paints – discusses how Sandtex Trade’s system approach can cope with uneven surfaces – and give movement cracks the brush-off.

He explains how Sandtex Trade Membrane Primer and Sandtex Trade Polyester Membrane, used in conjunction with Sandtex Trade High Build Textured Decorative Coating, offer high performance on uneven masonry surfaces – and provide a t method of bridging exterior movement cracks.

The video, available to view below, demonstrates how to install the Sandtex Trade membrane primer and polyester membrane.

It also explores the different application methods for the Sandtex Trade High Build Textured Decorative Coating, including a hands-on demonstration of four different techniques.

Five videos are being launched throughout 2016 in the ‘This Is Sandtex Trade’ series, to help the trade build-up a complete picture on exterior painting.

Sandtex’s surface solutions
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