U-POL’s new range of fillers


U-POL – a market leader in automotive body shop coatings and fillers – has introduced two high performance two part fillers which applications in the profesioanl painting and decorating sector.

U-POL’s FASTfil and EASYfil collectively offer a range of fillers for all requirements and applications – from load bearing to light decorating tasks.

FASTfill is a high performance, fast-drying filler specially formulated with ‘snap-cure’ technology to produce a tough repair ready to sand and mould in 10 minutes. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications where speed is crucial. It can also be used is also for repairing areas where the damage is exposed to all types of weather.

A lightweight polyester filler for all minor and last-minute surface imperfections, EASYfil delivers a smooth surface that is easy to sand down flat or shape and ready for painting in 20 minutes. Advanced microbead technology makes it the easy to sand while delivering a finish ready for final paint.

U-POL’s new range of fillers
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