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Little Greene Painted Papers Wallpaper

For its eighth collection of wallpapers, Little Greene has once again turned to the archives. ‘Painted Papers’ is a comprehensive compendium of striped wallpapers, which, says the company “celebrate the historic and harmonious marriage of paint and wallpaper“.

Little Greene Painted Papers Wallpaper collectionMore than ‘just plain stripes’, all ten designs in ‘Painted Papers’ have been reworked from historic patterns sourced from several archives, including those at English Heritage and Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery.

Using traditional surface-printing methods, which originally would have applied paint rather than ink, the production of these papers reflects very closely that used in preceding centuries: it also gives them their delightfully tactile feel and slightly textured appearance. In the early 1800s, the invention of continuous rolls of paper facilitated huge advances in block printing and subsequent surface printing techniques.

At the same time, a new fashion for stripes in interior decoration began to emerge. Regency style was heavily influenced by the sudden influx in international commerce, whilst a grander architectural vision brought fresh ideas about space and decoration. Consequently, designers of the time gained a first-hand awareness of how colours and pattern, both in fabrics and on walls, could help shape a room, rather than just adorn it.

Included in the Little Greene Painted Papers Wallpaper are Broad Stripe (C.1825), Carlisle Street (C.1890),Cavendish Stripe (C.1965), Colonial Stripe (C.1840),Elephant Stripe (C.1850), Ombré Plain / Ombré Stripe (C.1956),Paint Spot (C.1830),Tailor Stripe (C.1968),Tented Stripe (C.1845) and Thames (C.1851).

Little Greene Painted Papers Wallpaper will be launched in Paris at Maison et Object in January 2015.

Little Greene Painted Papers Wallpaper
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