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New Q1 tape option for ultra delicate surfaces

Q1 has added a new masking tape to its range for use on sensitive and ultra-delicate surfaces. 

The 3590 Q1 Sensitive Surface Masking Tape has been designed specifically for professional painters and decorators working on fine-line projects – allowing them to achieve razor sharp lines even on the most fragile of indoor surfaces, such as wallpapers, antique plaster mouldings and freshly painted walls.

Its design also allows for a gentle and clean removal of up to one week after application.

Made from Japanese Washi Paper and available in a pink colourway, the new masking tape offers seven-day UV resistance on indoor surfaces exposed to sunlight. It’s also resistant to moisture and nearly all water and solvent based paints. It’s also suitable for use on more commonly seen indoor surfaces such as PVC, glass, wood and aluminium.

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