Fenwick & Tilbrook paint launched


Fenwick & Tilbrook has introduced a new range of Scandinavian inspired water based, low VOC internal and external paint.

A selection of 120 colours is available though the company’s colour matching service.

The company say the range is inspired by Scandinavian exterior paints that were originally designed 40 years ago to withstand the worst of Arctic weather. The ingredients used for their manufacture have been accurately matched to the high performance Scandinavian originals and are rich in pigment giving them a good depth of colour.

The company is also launching an ‘inspiration box’ containing business card sized actual paint samples of each of the 120 colours, to make it easier to choose and match colours and get inspiration for decoration.

Every order is manufactured individually. A small sample is taken from each tin, checked for colour and then recorded against the customer’s details.

The company does not hold stock of finished paint, so every order is made individually and freshly. The company say they can colour match any brand of paint.

Fenwick & Tilbrook paint launched
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