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Redbacks Kneepads

coleman redbacks kneepadsRedbacks Kneepads are the only fully CE approved cushioning kneepads on the market.
Made from a light, soft and flexible TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) leaf-spring which is set within a honeycomb matrix, the kneepads distribute body weight evenly, elevating the knees to reduce pressure on knee, leg, ankle and foot joints whilst minimising the risk of possible injury from sharp or penetrating objects.

Easy to fit tightly and comfortably into most knee-pocketed work trousers in which they can remain during washing, the breathable, ‘non-slip’ pads with their abrasive-resistant covers allow wearers to keep cool and dry in hot or damp conditions and protect the knees from cold surfaces.

Redbacks Knee Pads
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