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Seamless coving saves time

The ‘Trimitre’ preformed seamless cove is providing a solution for the paints and hygienic coatings industry.

The ‘Trimitre’ cove is a 3 dimensional product that can be used at the wall to ceiling internal corner eliminating the need to cut and fashion standard cove former to achieve the concave radius and eliminates the need of the time consuming task of using filler.

The cove, along with other products such as the ‘Internal’ and ‘External’ coves, is designed to reduce installation times of the coatings and provide a quality, uniform and consistent finish.

The ‘Internal’ cove can be used when the junctions of the wall to ceiling need to be coved.

The ‘External’ cove can be used on all external corners of pillars or posts.

The coves, which are also being used in the vinyl flooring industry have revolutionised the approach of preparation in both industries giving advantages to the installer and the end user as well as improving the overall quality of the application.

Seamless coving saves time
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