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Dulux ColourFutures Trends for 2015

ColourFutures is Dulux Trade’s annual guide which outlines colour predictions for the year ahead is based upon research conducted by experts from around the globe and produced in conjunction with AkzoNobel’s aesthetics centre its colour and trend forecasting facility.

The guide focuses on five main trends that encapsulate the main influence of ‘Everyday and Finding the Wonderful in the Normal’. The key trends are:
Dulux ColourFutures Colour Guide

  • Layer + Layer – everyday life is never simple, instead it is made up of layers. Grouping this palette of dusty pastels in clusters and using them in marbling techniques allows spaces to be presented in more interesting ways.
  • Big Nature + Small Me – this concept is influenced by the vast outdoors and creating warm spaces using natural and strong hues. The colours of this palette includes rich earth tones such as sepia, ochre, sienna and baked clay – mimicking the complex colour effects of natural landscapes.
  • Him + Her – this trend embraces the differences of gender.
  • Unseen Spaces – A neutral mix of blues, khaki and pink combined with trompe l’oeil draws positive attention to those previously un-inspiring spaces.
  • Friendly Barter – This theme sees new combinations using large blocks of colour to add substantial power to a design. This palette includes berry toned pinks that can either be used to soften vibrant lime and orange, or perhaps add a richness to ochre, rich brown, and warm grey.
Dulux ColourFutures Trends for 2015
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