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Johnstone’s goes live

Johnstone’s Trade recently hosted a Facebook Live event covering water-based technology. as part of its latest All Access Day promotion which to gives painters and decorators unrestricted access to its technical experts.

Ahead of the panel event, the company asked its social media community to submit their most pressing questions regarding water-based technology. These questions – alongside any received live during the event – were put to an expert panel from Johnstone’s technical team.

There were range of interesting questions submitted before and during the live broadcast. Three key themes were apparent in the questions asked: the development of water-based technology, the technical differences between water-based and solvent-based products, and brush maintenance.

The comoany’s technical experts explained that Johnstone’s Trade Aqua products are a hybrid technology, meaning they take the benefits of solvent-based products, with the added benefits of water-based systems. On a chemical level, this is because the products incorporate the use of traditional alkyd resin predominantly used in solvent-based products, but in a water-based system.

They also advised viewers that when cleaning brushes after using the products, it’s really important to ensure that the brush is left standing up in paint up to the ferrule and cleaned against the edge of the can – especially when leaving the brush inactive for any amount of time.

The All Access Day

The video was hosted as part of the comoany’s latest All Access Day, which gave members of the Talk Group for Painters and Decorators a behind-the-scenes look at the Johnstone’s Trade head offices in Yorkshire.

Attendees took part in a range of activities, including the application of Aqua solutions and a spraying machine taster session. They also took part in an exclusive blind testing session with water-based technologies, some of which haven’t been launched to the market yet.

Johnstone’s goes live


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