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Pink, Orange and Coral – the colours for 2019

TeknosPro has teamed up with Nikki van Loon, an interior consultant from Dublin-based Templeogue Décor, a TeknosPro stockist, to look at the most popular colours for the home.

“Energising accents, such as pink, orange and coral, are hot trends for 2019” says Nikki. She recommends combining these with rich, earthy tones, such as navy or charcoal. “Walls are the obvious choice for these tones, with many people moving from the bold statement walls to creating full feature rooms; but furniture, stairs, kitchen cabinets and front doors can also be painted in a range of colours from TeknosPro’s specialist portfolios”.

Painting furniture in energising accents, whilst maintaining the home’s existing colour schemes, is a great way to keep up with changing trends in colour. For example, a painted wooden coffee table in a coral shade can contrast with deep navy walls or complement a neutral design. “Offer your clients Coral Dahlia or Sika”, advises Nikki, “as they are beautiful on their own, or against neutral tones, and offer light and elegance against rich darker colours.” This can easily be incorporated into any interior room, from bedrooms to bathrooms.

“As homeowners are becoming braver this year, the use of dark colours is being seen everywhere”, comments Nikki. Floors can also incorporate the latest colour trends. A rich colour, such as TeknosPro’s French Blue, Bennett or Deep Sea, can be used to create a runner on uncarpeted stairs; a simple solution to adding the latest fashionable colours into the home.

Alternatively, modern tones can be used to paint kitchen cabinets. Pinker shades are rising in popularity as they bring energy and optimism into a space which instantly uplifts a home. Nikki suggests mixing these with warmer hues to offer a counter balance.

To add the latest trends in colour to the outside of the home, Nikki recommends a simple solution – painting the front door. It’s an easy way for your customers to keep up with the latest colours and is an excellent way to add a bit of personality to exteriors.

Pink, Orange and Coral the colours for 2019
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