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Tune into Q1 Tapes and Brothers of the Brush

New painting and decorating podcast channel, Brothers of the Brush, has interviewed Q1 tapes. In the interview Chris Kerfoot explores the manufacturer’s product range and shares his own experiences.

In the interview, Ionela Stetco, Marketing Manager for the brand, explains the manufacturer’s sector-specific approach to masking.

Ionela explains: “The new drop film with precision line masking tape was a direct result of feedback from a professional decorator.”

Host Chris agreed that since switching to the drop film, he saves time on each project and money on buying double the masking products because he can now “do the job in one”.

The duo also explore other products from the Q1 range, which are the general-purpose tape and the Q1 Precision Line product. Chris shares tips on how he uses the tape.

Listen to the full podcast above or here and subscribe the Brothers of the Brush for more content.

Tune into Q1 Tapes and Brothers of the Brush


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