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QTech iQ Series 3 – Four jobs | One machine

Spotlight on Spraying

The iQ Series 3 is the first QTech intelligent airless paint sprayer. These are real game changers – ensuring ultimate control and precision across multiple applications from fine finish right through to flat-out contractor work. What makes the difference? The controllability. A unique first in the market, the Intelligent Pressure Technology (IPT) allows for the smallest incremental changes in pressure. When used with a correctly specified Fine Finish tip the iQ Series 3 can put down a superb finish working at pressures as low as 500 psi – dependent on a number of variables including temperature, the coating being used and the operator’s level of skill.

Key benefits

Controllability – unique level of control ensures a better finish

Consistency – critical for that professional finish on larger jobs

Increased efficiency – ‘on the job’ time reduced to a minimum

Minimises overspray – reduces clean up time while enhancing client satisfaction

Reduction in time spent on machine maintenance – lower operating speed reduces wear on critical parts

Use to spray

External walls

Internal walls and ceilings


Kitchen re-sprays/fine finish cabinets

Available as a Carry or HiCart machine online and from dec centres nationwide, including Dulux and Johnstone’s.

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