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Spray Application at Dulux Decorator Centre

Spotlight on Spraying

The decorating industry is evolving, with spray application gaining momentum thanks to its efficiency and versatility. Spray application offers numerous benefits, including faster completion times cutting down labour costs and leaving a more consistent, uniformed finish.

Dulux Decorator Centre recognises this demand and has expanded its offering to become a destination for spray products and services. It offers a wide selection of spray equipment from great brands such as Graco & QTech plus accessories and aftercare advice that’s all conveniently available to order from Dulux Decorator Centre’s 230+ stores nationwide or online.

In addition, industry-leading spray application training is more accessible, with face-to-face training facilities at five Dulux Decorator Centre stores plus 10 Dulux Academy Virtual locations across their network.  Providing a range of courses from beginners to advanced, specific substrates and machines.  

Customers can also gain expert guidance from Dulux Decorator Centre’s knowledgeable store teams, as well as maintenance and aftercare advice to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of their spray equipment.

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