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Spraying PVCu – what you need to know

Here ColorSpray looks at some of the common questions around the respraying of PVCu:

How big is the market for spraying PVCu windows?

PVCu windows have been the most popular option for homeowners over the last 40 years, as they are a longer lasting, low-maintenance and cheaper option than timber.

More than 70 percent of installed windows are still fully functioning PVCu and research has shown that the biggest driver for replacing windows is changing the colour.

Respraying not replacing has become a viable alternative and there are literally millions of windows out there waiting to be sprayed.

How big is the market for spraying composite doors?

We all know historically the first changes homeowners make when buying a new house was repainting the front door.

However, unlike timber, PVCu and composite doors do not lend themselves to painting.

So professional spraying is the only way to change the colour without replacing the whole door.

In the last decade, there’s been an estimated 6 million composite doors fitted into the replacement and new build sector. The majority of these are waiting to be repainted.

Who are ColorSpray?

ColorSpray was initially developed by paint manufacturer Regalead as a coating solution for factory finish spraying of PVCu and composite doors.

What is the ColorSpray Network?

The ColorSpray Network is a network of factory finish sprayers and of onsite applicators.

What equipment do you need for onsite PVCu spraying?

To start spraying PVCu windows and doors, there are a few pieces of equipment you need:
• Portable Air Compressor, preferably something with a 50L tank size and an on-board pressure regulator.
• HVLP Spray Gun with a 1.3mm tip size and an on-board pressure regulator.
• Suitable length hose – remember a longer hose will make it easier if using on first floor windows.

Prepping and masking materials, including good quality masking tape which will stick to masonry as well as PVCu and glass, rolls of masking paper, Scotch pads and mixing pots. These are all available from our online shop.

How profitable is colour spraying?

With low set-up costs, low material usage, minimal competition and a huge potential market, spraying windows and doors has already become a highly profitable sector which looks set to grow.

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