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Johnstone’s Audi Winner

Johnstone's Trade - Audi Dealership Tunbridge WellsThe reduced flashing properties of Johnstone’s Trade’s improved Covaplus Vinyl Matt has helped a decorating firm deliver a stunning finish to a state-of-the-art Audi dealership in Tunbridge Wells.

Renaissance Professional Decorators Ltd, based in South Yorkshire, used more than 500 litres of the new formulation to ensure that the dealership’s vast expanses of walls and ceilings boast a finish free from flashing.

The new formulation was launched in 2014 after Johnstone’s listened to comments from decorators about the issues they have had to face when using all types of vinyl matt paints in recent years. They are prone to a patchy looking finish and visible overlap caused by the paint drying too quickly, especially at the edge. These issues are most prevalent over large areas and areas subject to critical lighting.

The new formulation benefits from an increased open time which is allowing decorators more time to over roller back into a wet edge. This slower drying time helps to ensure a better finish and achieve a more even appearance. These benefits have combined to arm decorators with a product that they can trust to deliver an exceptional finish every time.

Johnstone’s Audi Winner
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